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Universal Pack (Heat Cure Denture Base Acrylic Material)

Universal Pack (Heat Cure Denture Base Acrylic Material)

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Heat cure denture base resin is Polymethyl methacrylate polymer which is cadmium, lead, arsenic free conventional heat curing denture base material and form a solid base of full and partial dentures, The pressing technique is the processing method. 

Heat Cure denture base liquid contains methyl methacrylate monomer added with cross linking additive to ensure extra high impact resistance and flexural strength.


To be used for construction of full and partial dentures.


Powder €“ Polymethyl-methacrylate resin, pigments.

Liquid - Methyl Methacrylate monomer, Cross linking agent.


Box - Powder (400 gms) & Liquid (200 ml) & Cold Mold Seal (100 ml) & Separating Sheets (1 pkt)

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of Manufacturing.

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