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OBTUROOT - Root Canal Obturation Cement

OBTUROOT - Root Canal Obturation Cement

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OBTUROOT ( Root Canal Obturation Cement ) is a radiopaque, non-resorbable Zinc Oxide-Eugenol based root canal sealer. Its composition is well tolerated by the tissues and provides antiseptic, anti inflammatory and germicidal action. Excellent anti inflammatory properties due to the presence of Hydrocortisone Acetate .


Permanent Root canal filling and sealing in association with gutta percha point.


Powder contains: Zinc Oxide, Hydrocortisone Acetate , Barium Sulphate, Thymol Iodide, Magnesium Stearate.

Liquid contains: Eugenol & Exceipents.

Method of Use

Mix carefully for approximately 45-60 seconds, one scoop of powder and five drops of liquid to obtain a thick mix, which can easily be introduced into the canal with suitable root canal filler, or in conjunction with a silver, acrylic or gutta percha point. Net setting time is 45-60 minutes from start of mix.


15g Powder, 10ml Liquid, 1 x powder Spoon, 1 x Dispensing Dropper and 1 x Mixing Pad.

Shelf Life

3 years from date of manufacturing.

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