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Light Cure Universal Nano Flowable Composite

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Description of product

Product Description

Light Cure Universal Nano Flowable Composite is light yellow viscous paste consists of BisGMA, inorganic filler nanoparticle. Due to its great flowable and thixotropic properties, it can be used for a small area which could not be reached by applying other composites. The filler loading is about 34% by volume. The particle size varies from 0.03 to 1 micron.


Ideal for class III, class V and some smaller non-stress bearing class IV restoratives Indirect in-lay and on-lay Porcelain repairing


BisGMA, Barium glass (Inorganic filler), nano-silica, Photoinitiators, Stabilizer.

Shelf life

3 years from date of manufacturing.


1 x 2g syringe x 2 applicator tips

Shades Available: A1, A2

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