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Ceramic Metal for Casting Ceramic Dental Powder.

Ceramic Metal for Casting Ceramic Dental Powder.

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Description of product

H&W (Made In Germany) Ceramic Metal for casting ceramic dental powder - Quality,strength & properties same as Ivoclar for all metal.


  • Non-precious
  • Beryllium free
  • NiCr based alloy for ceramic application as per guidelines of EN ISO 22674 


  • Minerals Quantity (%) Ni 26% Cr 11% Mo 1.7% Si 1.1% Others Bal
  • Technical Properties
  • Melting Range 1260 DegreeC-1370 DegreeC
  • Tensile Elongation 9-11%
  • Density 8.4g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength 395Mpa CTE 14.0
  • Hardness 233 HV Color Silver Shape Cylindrical

General Properties

  • Biocompatible, High durability
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • It does not discolor porcelain 
  • Highly adhesive to porcelain (ceramics)
  • Melts at low temperature
  • Easy to form a quality casting 

Observation Applying the porcelain

  • The entire surface to be built up with the porcelain powder must be sandblasted thoroughly. The oxide firing should be carried out in vacuum. After firing, sandblast again with 110 μm grit at a pressure of 2 bars. BERYLLIUM DISADVANTAGES
  • Beryllium vapors are carcinogenic and hence lab technicians are prone to severe diseases. (Reference-World at work Dental laboratory technicians, N Torbica and S Krstev Occup Environ Med. 2006 Feb; 63(2) 145-148.)
  • Prolong release of beryllium from ceramic alloy causes fibrosis of lungs in patients.(Refernce-OSHA Beryllium Health Effects March 29, 2016)  

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