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Canada Balsam Natural - 400 ml

Canada Balsam Natural - 400 ml

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Product Detail Canada Balsam , also called Canada turpentine or balsam of fir, is a turpentine which is made from the resin of the balsam fur tree (Abies Balsamea) of Boreal North America. PROPERTIES: Refractive Index : n20/D 1.522(lit.) Density : 0.99 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Application Canada balsam is also commonly used for making permanent microscope slides. In biology, for example, it can be used to conserve microscopic samples by sandwiching the sample between a microscope slide and a glass coverslip..Canada balsam is used in oil painting, to achieve glow and facilitate fusion. Composition Natural Balsam Resins Packing 400 ml OR 500 ml OR 1 lt Liquid Shelf Life 4 years from the date of Manufacturing.

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