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Acrylic Resin (Powder) for Pearl (Moti) Farming - 3 Kg

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What Is Pearl Farming?

Cultured pearls are grown on what are known as pearl farms. Several thousand oysters are nucleated and then cared for during the 1-2 years required for a pearl to grow and develop. Like any other form of farming, pearl farming can be as dependent on luck as it is on skill. An entire bed of oysters can be completely devastated by unpredictable and uncontrollable factors, such as water pollution, severe storms, excessive heat or cold, disease and many other natural and man-made phenomena. 

Modern Pearl Farming Techniques

The first step in the pearl production process is to obtain oysters to be nucleated. In the early days of the cultured pearl industry, oysters were simply collected from the sea. Although some farmers continue using this method today, many use the more modern practice of breeding their own oysters. To do this, the pearl farmer collects oyster sperm and eggs from high-quality oysters already on the farm. The sperm are used to fertilize the eggs, and so create a new generation of oyster larvae.

The Process Of Nucleation In Pearl Farming

The process of nucleation is a surgical procedure, whereby a foreign object is implanted into the oyster. This object causes irritation, which the oyster counteracts by secreting nacre to surround the object; this produces the pearl.
Nucleus ( beads) is prepared by using  PYRAX SELF CURING GOLDEN / CLEAR ACRYLIC RESIN (powder and solvent) . PYRAX acrylic resin for pearl is available in Clear/ transparent and Golden colors for all molding of super gloss and fine detailed images of God & Goddess , pendants for fashion Jewellery and much more... 

For the preparation of  nuclear material, required amount of acrylic powder is taken in a glass container and slowly the solvent is added to it. (preferably through a syringe) which is then mixed thoroughly to prepare a dough. Immediately, nuclear material of desired shape and size are prepared and allowed to air dry. Later, they are stored in dust free close containers.The nuclear material is boiled in water, air dried and cooled few hours prior to implantation. After implantation in the mussels can be suspended in the ponds for ponds culture .


Packing: 1 x 3KG powder Jerry Can

Shades: White & Golden

Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of Manufacturing

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